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Comisario draco


Not for Enforcers are the tactics of maneuver and deception; rather, they charge in wherever the melee is the fiercest. At close range, it matters little that their armor prevents them from spouting flame; all that matters is the power they’ve learned to focus in each strike. Drake leaders are careful not to besmirch the honor of the Enforcers, and generally call upon them to combat only the most pernicious of enemies.


Procede de: Vapuleador draco
Se convierte en:
Coste: 40
PV: 85
Movimiento: 5
PX: 150
Level: 3
Alineamiento: legal
IDDrake Enforcer

Ataques (damage - count)

(image)garra de guerra
cuerpo a cuerpo
11 - 4
de corte
cuerpo a cuerpo
14 - 3
de impacto
cuerpo a cuerpo
8 - 5
de penetración


(icon) de corte20% (icon) de penetración0%
(icon) de impacto30% (icon) de fuego50%
(icon) de frío-50% (icon) arcano-30%


Coste de movimiento
(icon) Aguas profundas-0%
(icon) Aguas someras320%
(icon) Aldea140%
(icon) Arena140%
(icon) Arrecife costero230%
(icon) Bosque240%
(icon) Campo de setas240%
(icon) Castillo140%
(icon) Colinas140%
(icon) Congelado320%
(icon) Cueva230%
(icon) Intransitable-0%
(icon) Llano130%
(icon) Montañas140%
(icon) Pantano320%