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Draco armagedón


Were it not for the armor they wear, certain drakes might be indistinguishable from true dragons, at least to the lesser races for whom dragons are but legend. The creatures known as ‘Armageddon Drakes’ are towering things, both immune to and possessed of a tremendous fire.


Procede de:
Se convierte en:
Coste: 100
PV: 98
Movimiento: 5
PX: 200
Level: 4
Alineamiento: legal
IDArmageddon Drake

Ataques (damage - count)

(image)garras de batalla
cuerpo a cuerpo
15 - 2
de corte
(image)aliento de fuego
a distancia
12 - 6
de fuego


(icon) de corte10% (icon) de penetración-10%
(icon) de impacto20% (icon) de fuego100%
(icon) de frío-50% (icon) arcano-30%


Coste de movimiento
(icon) Aguas profundas220%
(icon) Aguas someras120%
(icon) Aldea140%
(icon) Arena140%
(icon) Arrecife costero130%
(icon) Bosque140%
(icon) Campo de setas240%
(icon) Castillo140%
(icon) Colinas140%
(icon) Congelado220%
(icon) Cueva330%
(icon) Intransitable140%
(icon) Llano130%
(icon) Montañas140%
(icon) Pantano130%