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The Clashers are members of a unique caste among the drakes. Their thick armor, while compensating for the drakes’ natural weakness against spears and arrows, is so heavy and restricting that they are not able to fly or muster enough breath to use their inner fire. They have embraced this handicap, completely encasing their wings to emphasize that they do not need flight to triumph in battle.

This is also the only caste that is allowed to break taboo and fight with spears in addition to the drake’s traditional metal claws, which makes them particularly good at "resolving" territorial disputes with other drakes and enforcing the laws of their tribe.

Notes especials: La llargària de l'arma d'esta unitat li permet atacar primer en melé, fins i tot quan defensa.


Avança de:
Avança a: Drake Thrasher Drake Arbiter
Cost: 19
HP: 43
Moviment: 5
XP: 45
Level: 1
Alineació: legal
IDDrake Clasher

Atacs (damage - count)

(image)war talon
5 - 4
6 - 4


(icon) talla20% (icon) perfora0%
(icon) impacta30% (icon) foc50%
(icon) fred-50% (icon) arcà-30%


Cost del moviment
(icon) Aigua baixa320%
(icon) Bosc240%
(icon) Boscatge de bolets240%
(icon) Castell140%
(icon) Cova230%
(icon) Deep Water-0%
(icon) Gelat320%
(icon) Impracticable-0%
(icon) Llogaret140%
(icon) Muntanyes140%
(icon) Pantà320%
(icon) Plana130%
(icon) Sorra140%
(icon) Trieu costaner230%
(icon) Turons140%