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Dirigent orc


Any orc who can keep a large tribe from feuding and in-fighting is often unusually intelligent and commanding, and is inevitably very strong as well. They are skilled with both sword and crossbow, but their real talent lies in their rare ability to rally other orcs to battle, to give orders that are followed not out of fear, but loyalty.

Notes especials: El lideratge d'aquesta unitat permet a les unitats amigues adjacents causar més dany en combat, encara que açò només s'aplica a unitats de nivell inferior.


Avança de: Líder orc
Avança a: Sobirà orc
Cost: 35
HP: 60
Moviment: 6
XP: 120
Level: 2
Alineació: caòtic
IDOrcish Ruler
Habilitats: lideratge

Atacs (damage - count)

(image)espasa gran
9 - 3
6 - 3


(icon) talla0% (icon) perfora0%
(icon) impacta0% (icon) foc0%
(icon) fred0% (icon) arcà0%


Cost del moviment
(icon) Aigua baixa320%
(icon) Bosc250%
(icon) Boscatge de bolets340%
(icon) Castell160%
(icon) Cova240%
(icon) Deep Water-0%
(icon) Escull costaner230%
(icon) Gelat220%
(icon) Impracticable-0%
(icon) Llogaret160%
(icon) Muntanyes260%
(icon) Pantà330%
(icon) Plana140%
(icon) Sorra230%
(icon) Turons150%