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Змей воин


Drakes of the Fighter caste, like the Warrior, are the foundation of any tribe’s army. No special abilities or skills set them apart; only their natural brute strength and military training help them carve their way through enemy forces. They fight as they have for centuries, clad in ceramic-plated leather with the traditional war blade mounted on the back of each hand.


Повишения от: Змей боец
Повишения към: Змей майстор на меча
Цена: 30
Здраве: 60
Движение: 6
Опит: 70
Level: 2
Уклон: праведен
IDDrake Warrior

Атаки (damage - count)

(image)war blade
близък бой
11 - 3
(image)огнен дъх
далечен бой
5 - 3

Съпротивителни сили

(icon) прорезна10% (icon) прободна-10%
(icon) ударна20% (icon) огнена50%
(icon) смразяваща-50% (icon) мистична-30%


Стойност на придвижването
(icon) Coastal Reef130%
(icon) Deep Water220%
(icon) Flat130%
(icon) Frozen220%
(icon) Unwalkable140%
(icon) Блато130%
(icon) Гора140%
(icon) Гъбен масив240%
(icon) Замък140%
(icon) Песъчлив терен140%
(icon) Пещера330%
(icon) Планини140%
(icon) Плитки води120%
(icon) Селище140%
(icon) Хълмове140%